27th February 2016 :

Today, Saturday 27 Feb, we had our second computer class.  Five new students, who are completely unfamiliar with the keyboard, took up the challenge to learn this "new" technology.   The senior man on the right is 85 years old and he is an MM2H (Malaysia My 2nd Home) guy from Hong Kong. He heard about our services to the elderly by word of mouth. Wonderful.

24th February 2016 :

Our first computer class started today at the Lab that was commissioned by YB Chew Mei Fun on Thursday 21 Jan 2016.  Five students ie two in their 70's, two in their 60's and one in her 50's were thrilled to peck the keyboards and end up producing a letter inviting their children to come home for their father's birthday party.  The only man in the picture came all the way from Putra Heights. 

We also had two volunteer instructors. Dato Muslim Ayob, President of Rotary Club of Pudundation's and Ms Quah Ling Li, a lawyer. It was so nice to see the happy faces of these people at the end of the 2-hour class.