29th November 2015 :

Rotary Club of Pudu’s Family Open Day event was successfully held at AUTORR Foundation, Ampang.  A big THANK YOU to those of you who attended and supported AUTORR.

The event was attended and officiated by the following VIPs:

  • MP for Ampang, YB Puan Hajjah ZuraidaKamaruddin
  • Founder and Chairman of AUTORR Foundation, Ms Lin Chua (Yap Swee Lin)
  • President of ERA (Expertise Resource Association), Datin Paduka Yong Dai Ying 
  • Rotary Club of Pudu’s President, Dato Muslim Ayob

The event was successful with the participation of Rotarians, AUTORR members, ERA members, friends and their families. On top of that, there were interesting programmes and workshops, simultaneously lined up for the attendees at the AUTORR Auditorium and Activity Centre, such as :

  • Hydrotherapy Foot Spa
  • Music Performance, Singing and Dancing
  • Magic Show, Clown Entertainment, Balloons Sculpturing
  • Basic Health Blood Screening
  • Body Fat Analysis
  • Balancing Test & Fall Assessment
  • Urban Farming
  • Paper Handicraft
  • Financial Talk
  • Health Talks on Dental, Nutrition and Cancer.
  • Gigong &TaiChi Demonstration

There were also health, beauty, jewellery and F&B booths which participated to make the event more interesting. It was opened to the public, and many showed up for the entertainment, basic health screenings and various workshops. Many stayed till the end at 5:00 pm hoping to win the grand-prize - a diamond ring – at the Lucky Draw.  It was indeed a Fun and Happy event.

More to come

With the signing of the tri-partite MoU between Autorr Foundation, the Pudu Rotary Club and Expertise Resource Association (ERA) on 29 November, 2015 we will now be more active in the year 2016 starting mid-January.  We are expecting to be open Mondays to Fridays 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on a 5-day week basis. 

We will have more programmes and workshops lined up on a weekly basis.  Meantime, we are busy setting up the following additional facilities:

Computer Lab
This will be a 5-seat lab.  The instructor will be from either ERA or Pudu Rotary.  Courses available will be on the popular programs of Microsoft Office namely Word, PowerPoint and Excel,emails, blogging, FaceBook, etc.Advanced courses would be on writing memoirs, biographies, coffee-table photobooks and such likes. For those not familiar with the keyboard, basic typing would be taught separately in a special class.

A library will also be set up to cater for those who love reading as a past time or for seeking references.

Health Therapies

  • Hydrotherapy Foot Spa Facilities– available by appointment
  • Reiki Therapy – available on 1st Thursday of the month – 2.00 to 5.00pm
  • Origin Points Therapy– available on Wednesdays – 1.00 to 3.00pm
  • Body Spa – facilities to be set up, probably after CNY

Other Activities

  • Massage chair – available anytime
  • Karaoke – available anytime
  • Urban Farming – each participant will be given a small patch of land to grow their favourite vegetables in the car park compound using the urban farming techniques.  Again this will be started after CNY.

Please register and fill up the survey form, we will inform you of our workshops and programme schedule through emails.  AUTORR contact details are as follows: