Frequent Asked Questions

How is AUTORR Foundation funded?

The land on which the AUTORR Foundation centre is located, is donated by Yap Swee Lin (Lin Chua), whereas building costs are financed by bank loans, various fund-raising projects held between 2005 - 2011. Henceforth. the centre has been and continue to be funded by donations, and the collection of a minimum donation on the usage of its premises and other fund-raising activities.


Who are the targeted groups of AUTORR?

Regardless of age, race or religion, senior and matured citizens and those who are not working can apply.


Are there fees involved?

Yes, a nominal donation is required for administration, management and running cost of the AUTORR Foundation centre.


How will AUTORR Foundation Centre benefit the senior and matured citizens?

They will enjoy access to the activities and facilities (please refer to benefits - activities and facilities page) such as piped-in music, landscaped gardens for walks and exercise, fountains, meditation halls to de-stress, short courses for hobbies, nutritional guidance. etc. Apart from these, they will be informed of any upcoming events such as talks, seminars or workshops which are conducted at the AUTORR centre.

The most important thing is that they will be part of a community where they can socialize with their contemporaries and make full use of their time doing interesting things instead of being a prisoner at home, lonely and fearful of death.


Is the AUTORR Centre for staying?

Definitely not. AUTORR focuses on those who are staying with their children, but who are often left alone at home or those who stay by themselves or their children are overseas.

As such, the AUTORR centre offers the ideal recreational centre to network and make friends. They can come daily or a few times a week to enjoy themselves. It is an ideal solution for working adults who want their elderly parents to have a good quality of life after their retirement years as well as for the matured citizens to spend time learning new things and acquire more knowledge on how to look after themselves before they advance in age.