our objectives & goals

Our Objectives

AUTORR Foundation focuses on the needs of senior and matured citizens who are very lonely when their family members are out working and feel neglected when their adult children are busy with their own young families during the weekends.

There is a serious need for senior and matured citizens to have a place for recreation with their contemporaries. This is essential for mental health as they often have the subtle nagging fear that they will be the first to go off.

Senior and matured citizens deserve a good time and to feel loved after having slogged their entire life to bring up their children, spending most of their earnings and savings to provide their children with better education besides making a lot of other sacrifices.

While the family members have grown up with lives of their own, the senior and matured citizens would by then have spent their youth, money and health and neglected their company of friends and other family members. This may result in them feeling very lonely, hurt, frustrated and miserable, while at the same time worrying about potential health problems and impending death.

On the other hand, their children who have no time for them due to family commitments and long hours of work will feel guilty and stressed for having neglected their parents.

Through AUTORR Foundation, lonely senior and matured citizens with a lot of love to give and no one to give them to will find what they are looking for. From time to time, orphans will be invited to the AUTORR Centre to share the love and attention of the lonely senior and matured citizens.

As such, the AUTORR Centre hopes to build a bridge of love between the very young and the senior and matured citizens through an informal kind of guardianship. This will increase their will to live and in the process build better self-esteem through bonding and mentoring.

Facts & Figures

(Source : Department of statistic, Malaysia)
  • The 2000 Census showed that 1.452 million people (6.2%) were aged 60 and over By the year 2020. 9.5 per cent of the country‘s population will be aged 60 years and over
  • The proportion of younger age groups (15 years and below) is decreasing. while the proportion of elderly is on the rise
  • The old-age dependency ratio is expected to increase to 15.7 in 2020 from 10.5 in 1970

Our Goals

  • To provide a centre where senior and matured citizens can have fellowship with their contemporaries from different walks of life to share views and have discussions with people of the same "wavelength".
  • To learn about ways to care for themselves mentally and physically
  • To pick up new hobbies
  • To make new friends
  • To gain a sense of self-esteem and usefulness by giving their love, wealth of experience and wisdom to others such as orphans